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The Children's Book Series

What are people saying about Doctoroo?  

This is a charming children's book aimed at younger readers with the intention of entertaining them as well as conveying important health information. The main character is Dr. Marsha, an Australian-based kangaroo who travels the world dispensing medical advice and creating a sense of global adventure. Her motto is -- "Do you have an ouch...The number to dial is I-MD-Pouch." In this book, the first in a series, Louie Llama delivers a letter from Dr. Marsha's cousin, Milton Marsupial, the Mayor of Washington, D.C. It seems that shortly before July 4th, someone has stolen all the hot dogs and marshmallows and the local children are very upset. The clever storyline follows Dr. Marsha and her animal friends across the globe to help the Mayor figure out who did this dirty deed, while Louie Llama, a wiser head, suggests there are more healthy ways to celebrate a backyard holiday. Supported by vivid color illustrations, Dr. Marsha uses her doctor's pouch to find a solution to the crime. The creator of the book, Dr. Rachel Wellner is a board-certified surgeon with a healthy aversion to junk food. Read for pleasure and educating children as to the value of fruits, yogurt, and granola while allowing an occasional special treat that just might include hot dogs and marshmallows for the 4th of July!

-Laurence Kirshbaum

The author, Dr. Wellner, blends interesting story telling, colorful illustrations, and wonderful health instructions for children. The characters are animals, which is great way to captivate young minds. The main character, a kangaroo named Dr. Marsha, touches upon various health topics and serves as wise counselor to the other animals. Each illustration is multi-colored, with interesting animals to fill the imagination. The book also expands into a history lesson as the animals travel to Washington DC where they see Washington monument and Lincoln's memorial. What a great way to introduce basic health issues. Your kids will love it!

-Bruce H.

I bought this as a birthday gift for my friend's kid and she loved it. Thanks, Dr. Wellner!                       

-Abe S.

This is a wonderful and enchanting children’s book! It is a great story with lovable characters and important health information. It also has great illustrations. My kids absolutely loved it!!                                                          

-Jon L. Norinsberg



Kirby (the Koala) from your “Case of the Hacking Hippo”

-Camille O.- age 6

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